Our Journey

In June 2020 we returned to Ohio to be closer to our aging parents. We both have family roots here in Ohio, Lima and Dayton specifically but we choose to call Columbus home.

We moved from the Big Island of Hawaii. We had been in the farmers market community there for over a decade. We own and operate a small estate coffee farm on the Hamakua coast.

Coffee led to an interest in chocolate and although the farms elevation was unable to grow chocolate it didn't stop our journey into learning more and more.

After attending chocolate academies and classes across the country we decided to launch Mauna Kea Confections.

We sold chocolates, caramels, syrups and confections alongside the coffee until April 2020, when COVID had us rethink our proximity to family.

So here we are in Columbus, starting up again. We brought some of our favorite tropical recipes with fresh fruit sourced back in Hawaii from our favorite farmers market vendors. We are also looking forward to introducing the flavors of the midwest into our collections with fresh locally sourced ingredients.

We are excited to join the Columbus community and share our handcrafted treats with our new friends and customers.