Mini Bûche Mixed Box Pistachio | Hazelnut Crisp | Café Mochaccino


The mini versions of signature collection of imaginatively decorated and filled snacking bars.  Each buche consists of a creamy milk chocolate shell which has been carefully filled with delicious flavored creams, chews, crisps and crunches.  These are sure to please even the most sophisticated chocolate lover.

Hazelnut Crisp- An old world blend of hazelnut cream, crispy cookie and luscious milk chocolate.


Mochaccino- All the flavors of a Café Mocha and a Cappuccino, with crunchy cacao nibs.


Pistachio Cream- Luxuriously creamy Italian pistachios, pureed with milk chocolate


Collections: Buche, Handcrafted Chocolates

Type: Buche